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4 comments06/15/06 at 08:51DL: Whyman or Hams. Any of you kids going to Westport ...
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2 comments06/15/06 at 08:48DL: I think feet are nasty
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2 comments06/14/06 at 22:07Ham: feet are so hot
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4 comments06/14/06 at 19:00whyman: man i dont even remember doing this
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1 comments06/11/06 at 11:15frank: This girl is the hottest girl at this party did an...
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1 comments06/11/06 at 11:04huh: what the fuck is that?
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4 comments06/11/06 at 03:14uh huh: is that because u are standing next to your ex
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4 comments06/10/06 at 15:19dave: i look retarded
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